Possibly the most replaced part of the skateboard besides maybe hardware depending on brand and how you take care of it.  Choosing a deck can be tough because of the different sizes and shapes.  Finding the right one may take some time.  You shouldn't let the graphics be the reason why you chose that particular deck.


Lets discuss the different sections or shapes of a deck.

  • MOUNTING HOLES:  8 pre-drilled holes for attaching the trucks
  • WHEELBASE:  distance between the front inner mounting holes and the rear inner mounting holes
  • NOSE:  front part of deck starting from the front outer mounting holes
  • TAIL:  rear part of deck starting from the rear outer mounting holes, usually smaller than nose
  • CONCAVE:  slight curve between nose and tail
  • PLY:  thin layers of composite, usually wood, also known as veneers



The skateboard deck explaination to be continued...


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